yes please? no thanks!

So the girls show was so good, and there's photos and good times write ups coming, but... I'm just going to get this over with.

The best thing I can say about Yes Please is I really hated it. Sadly, though, it was a reaction to the performance and less to the music, which I heard best described as sounding 'like the Juno soundtrack'. Who likes this stuff? And Feist! Cat Power has a lot to answer for.

Speaking of Cat Power, the performance. This was like some art piece based on Chan Marshal's disastrous and irritating performances. The show starts and when I walk up to the stage I see four precious indie girls sitting at the edges of the stage. Posed on stage actually. If these girls weren't posed, then good for Yes Please for having a set of Stepford Urban Knitters at her disposal, but my guess is they were posed. Anyway, they are rapt by what is center stage. Rapt!


Center stage is what I assume to be Yes Please -- crouched under a blanket, rocking back and forth, and warbling over the Juno soundtrack which is magically coming out of the PA even though there isn't an instrument in sight. Eventually this girl makes her way out from under the blanket, she's so vulnerable! Meanwhile, a new set of kids take the blanket she's crawled out from underneath, spread it out picnic style, and sit down on it and watch -- no adore -- adore her.

What the fuck alternate reality is this? Eventually she sits down Indian style and plucks out a few notes from a guitar she's had hidden away. When I turned to walk out I noticed I was the only person not on stage or on a blanket.


On the plus side, her set was short!

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ohnochriso said...

I know this was posted the day before my birthday but it's SUCH an awesome birthday present! Phrases like "Stepford Urban Knitters" and "she's so vulnerable!" are like delicious meals I will savor for many days to come.